Welcome to EU in Brum

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March in London on March 23rd

We are organising coaches to bring us to the People's Vote march in London on the 23rd March. Tickets can be bought here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/eu-in-brum-bus-to-the-march-in-london-on-march-23rd-tickets-56742378983

Regular Meetings

Since we are getting close to the crunch point, the group is currently meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm to discuss developments and plan our activities. We then have campaign activities at events and in centres in Birmingham, across the West Midlands and beyond.

Our new meeting venue is The Woodman pub, at the intersection of Curzon Street and New Canal Street, B5 5LG, near Millennium Point, the Christmas Ice Rink and Big Wheel.

"The Deal"

This is linked from our blogs page, along with a lot of journalism that is a good deal more interesting to read!

Birmingham City Council

We are very happy to announce that Birmingham City Council voted on Tuesday 6 November to back a People's Vote with the option to remain. Well done everyone who helped campaign for this result.

Read the full article in the Birmingham Post

People's Vote National Petition

Please sign the petition calling for a People's Vote on whatever Brexit deal (if any) the "government" manages to get.

Write to your MP

In the next few weeks, the House of Commons will have the chance to vote on the deal- it’s vital that pro-Europeans make their MPs aware that we want them to reject the deal and support a People’s Vote with the option to Remain in the EU.

There is a danger, now that a "deal" is on the table, for MPs to think "maybe we should get it over and done with", to avoid the threat of "no deal", which would completely trash the economy. But this "deal" is only about how to get out of the EU - it says nothing about how 60% of our trade will function in the future. It surrenders the right that we have until 29 March to call the whole thing off and puts us at the mercy of the Brextremists.

There are some web tools that will write emails for you: www.notbuyingit.uk and www.peoples-vote.uk/write_this_wrong.

However, it is more effective, if you have the time, to compose something in your own words.

Please include your postcode in your email or letter, otherwise the MPs' assistants will ignore it.