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Our regular public meetings are held fortnightly, with separate campaign activities at events and in centres across Birmingham  and West Midlands (contact us if you'd like to be involved) and larger events such as our National Rally for UK staying in the EU on Sun 2nd Oct and our successful #RemainINBrum rally on 3rd Sept.

Major achievements

EU IN BRUM is thrilled to have 2 of the Remain candidates we campaigned nonstop for elected: Preet Gill in Edgbaston and Richard Burden in Northfield. Our members also worked very hard campaigning for Jerry Evans in Hall Green and Ade Adeyemo in Solihull, but unfortunately they were not successful this time.

We built and strengthened important links with various local party infrastructures and activists, as well as MPs across Birmingham and Solihull and they are aware of our great support in their campaigns and the huge extra resource our activists provided which will continue to pay dividends for our Remain work and agendas.

Work to do
EU IN BRUM will be launching numerous initiatives to capitalize on the many opportunites gained through the June 2017 general election, where Remain voters played a significant role, the Conservative party's plans for brexit received no mandate from the people and as the public becomes increasingly aware that Remain is by far the best possible deal for the UK and brexit is damaging and dangerous. Help us to press home this advantage and ensure better future for Birmingham and all its citizens.

We have a number of interesting speakers coming up and you can keep in touch with updates here, on our Twitter and Facebook

Get inspired, engaged and active

Following EU IN BRUM's extensive and inspiring coverage in The Guardian and recent political events our membership and new followers alike are ready for action in 2017.
Responses at our open, public meetings is overwhelming with countless new ideas and a series of action subgroups spinning off to meet separately to drive various projects to campaign, influence and succeed for Remain.
Come along and help us set the agenda for Remain in Birmingham and beyond.
Take the opportunity to catch up with the EU IN BRUM community, discuss ongoing developments or make new friends.