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Coming up...

Join us for a Street Party in the centre of Birmingham to celebrate the EU in one of the 12 constituencies for the European Parliament, the West Midlands. There will be music, speeches and lots of fun. Further details to be announces as they come in.

Please note, we'll be having an UMBRELLA COMPETITION. Get a cheap blue umbrella, stick on stars, slogans, whatever you can think of. Bring it to the rally, and you may be the lucky winner of Ian Dunt's book BREXIT: What the hell happens now? or one of our other prizes.

Register at https://www.facebook.com/events/1543779872372480

Recent events

Sunday 1 October

It’s essential that the Conservative Party and the rest of the world know that we want to stop Brexit. So please come dressed in blue, with yellow accessories, and EU flags, banners and placards. And bring drums, whistles, horns and claxons to make some noise.

EU in Brum bus to Manchester

We have hired a bus to make the journey easier and more fun. Tickets cost £20. You can join us either We then will arrive at the Manchester convention centre in time to join the first event at 10am, the welcoming of the delegates.

We will be picked up again for the return journey at 5:15pm near the Cathedral Gardens where the street party will take place.

If you are interested in booking, please write an email to euinbrumbus@gmail.com before Tuesday 26 September to reserve your seat.

Events elsewhere

These are shown on the Coordination Hub Calendar.