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Join us for a Street Party in the centre of Birmingham to celebrate the EU in one of the 12 constituencies for the European Parliament, the West Midlands. There will be music, speeches and lots of fun. Further details to be announces as they come in.

Please note, we'll be having an UMBRELLA COMPETITION. Get a cheap blue umbrella, stick on stars, slogans, whatever you can think of. Bring it to the rally, and you may be the lucky winner of Ian Dunt's book BREXIT: What the hell happens now? or one of our other prizes.


Public network for positive people who believe in remaining – and want to do something about it!

·      A diverse and friendly forum – come and share your views in a safe, supportive space

·      We’re a support network, a knowledge network and an action network

·      Creative approaches, artivism, flash campaigns, promoting positive messages

·      Exploring legal and political issues and action; events, letter writing, leaflets etc.  

·      Linking with other groups/individuals – there’s so much going on UK-wide

·      Specialist speakers with information, connections or experience to help us

·      Growing trove of resources – check our Facebook, Twitter, come along to meetings or events