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161002 Rally at Tory Conference

National rally for UK staying in the EU

Sun 2nd Oct, Birmingham

Thank you for joining our rally and march and making it such a huge success.  See EU IN BRUM Facebook or Twitter #EUNationalRally for hundreds of amazing images, videos and links to press coverage for this inspiring and impactful event which was timed to coincide with the Tory party conference opening, leaders' speeches and exit presentations.

EU IN BRUM called pro-Remain, pro-EU groups and individuals to rally in Birmingham on Sunday 2nd October 2016 for the Tory party conference opening, featuring Theresa May, David Davis, Boris Johnson and dedicated speeches on UK exit, to show the government and assembled national media our commitment to staying in the EU and opposition to UK exit.


This was a truly national event and stage with ministers, politicians, party members and staff, activists and UK media converging on Birmingham and EU IN BRUM linked with press and media contacts and worked hard with partners generating extensive coverage of pro-Remain activities in UK, Europe and wider (e.g. Chinese broadcaster CCTV).


Programme for National Rally for UK Staying in the EU, Sunday 2nd October, Birmingham City Centre



Location(s) in Birmingham City Centre and description

12:30 – 13:00


Start point: Waterstones, High Street, B4 7SL (at 12:30)

End point: Boulton, Watt & Murdoch (gold statue), Broad Street, B1 2DR – located opposite Centenary Square and EU-funded Symphony Hall & ICC venue for Tory party conference

13:00 – 14:00



Boulton, Watt & Murdoch (gold statue), Broad Street, B1 2DR

Show our European colours, flags and signs and demonstrate peacefully as delegates arrive for Theresa May, David Davis, Boris Johnson and others’ speeches on UK exit – with the UK media watching on

14:00 – 15:00


Fletchers Walk, B3 3HG

covered plaza with great acoustics around the corner from Centenary Square



As Government ministers give their speeches in the EU-funded Symphony Hall, EU IN BRUM presents the power of Remaining and being a member of the EU, featuring addresses from a range of eminent and exciting personalities

15:00 – 15:30



Start point: Fletchers Walk, B3 3HG

End point: Boulton, Watt & Murdoch (gold statue), Broad Street, B1 2DR

Return to Boulton, Watt & Murdoch (gold statue) for final rally and pro-EU demonstration, before dispersing to continue spreading our positive messages – if you have time please join us to celebrate and socialize as follows:

15:30 onwards



EU IN BRUM and friends will be heading to The Old Joint Stock, 4 Temple Row West, B2 5NY and The [famous] Wellington, 37 Bennett's Hill, B2 5SN after the event - these 2 establishments back onto each other, so you can easily pass between both.

Everyone is very welcome to join us there – please come and chat and celebrate with us. #Remain #Together

Images, videos and comments

Visit our Fb event page or Twitter #EUNatlRally where there are hundreds of high quality images and videos conveying the excitement and determination palpable on the day.  All the speeches were filmed and will be uploaded shortly.

Motivating masses
As with our successful #RemainINBrum celebration on 3rd September, EU IN BRUM's EU National Rally attracted people from all over the UK and as far away as Paris!  Thank you to all our supporters and friends who came out and travelled distances, with most major cities represented and support from other Remain organizations including our friends at Glostays, Divided Kingdom and a large delegation from Surrey For Europe!


Positive, non-partisan, pro-Remain messages

EU IN BRUM is a positive campaign committed to the UK staying in the EU. We promote positive messages and the benefits of the EU and UK in the EU, explain, demystify and mythbust. EU IN BRUM is committed to inclusion, respect and antihate and seeks to address senses of marginalization and heal divisions in society, embracing people who voted either way and did not vote in the EUref.


In this respect our National Rally on Sun 2nd Oct was pro-Remain and pro-EU. We are of course opposed to UK exit and triggering article 50 and criticism of Government policy, exit consequences, waste, bungling and patent lack of ideas or plan - and desire to have everything we have now - is perfectly acceptable, but must not be specifically anti-Tory.  Likewise, highlighting ‘the inconvenient truth’ of false Leave claims and Leave pledges that could never be fulfilled and still others that Theresa May has unilaterally abandoned is also significant, but EU IN BRUM is non-partisan and focuses on the future, empowering people through information to ensure support for the EU and the UK continuing to thrive as a global power, leading in the EU and through the EU.

Agenda and speakers for Tory party conference opening (copied directly: language their own)

Sunday 2 October

14.00 – 16.30 Symphony Hall

Conference Chairman
Party Chairman
West Midlands Mayoral Candidate

The Prime Minister
Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
Secretary of State for International Development
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs


16.45 - 17.30 Hall 1

Chairman of the Conservative Party
Open to Party Members only

Thank you to everyone who supported us and helped us fund simple materials to massively impact the visual and overall success of National Rally.

This will enabled us to buy small and larger European flags and printed rally cards to give out for the crowds to wave, making the whole parade more visually interesting, colourful and striking, ensuring our messages were clear to anyone looking on - gaining us more attention and impact - and making it more likely images would be featured in press and media. Please see loads of images, including of the cards we printed on our Fb and Twitter #EUNatlRally. As hoped we did raise just enough to provide some funding for other promotion and campaigning activities.  Thank you so much.  More.


For any queries or more information get in touch with EU IN BRUM via Facebook, Twitter: @euinbrum or email: euinbrum.org@gmail.com