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161212 Newsletter

EU IN BRUM Newsletter Launched
EU IN BRUM has launched a newsletter to give you a one stop shop to keep in touch with all the cool stuff we're doing, what's on the horizon, Remain developments and how you can get involved!

The Remain and EU IN BRUM worlds turn very quickly and while we're communicating and promoting information and our events nonstop on our website, Facebook and Twitter, the newsletter is a chance to take stock of exciting achievements, developments and upcoming opportunities - in one place.

This edition is bursting with examples of collaboration and impact, including:

  • Our work with Britain for Europe and partners to unite grassroots Remain organizations and develop our movement - EU IN BRUM hosted the latest national strategy meeting in Birmingham, bringing together over 40 local and national groups
  • The #NoLiesOnThisBus campaign outside the Supreme Court and on tour in London, for Remain and in defence of our rights, democracy and sovereignty - we achieved massive tv and press coverage including covers of several national newspapers and EU IN BRUM featured in The Guardian
  • Reports of partners' events EU IN BRUM has spoken at or taken part in, including Surrey For Europe's well-attended public forum on paths to Remain and CommonGround's Ten Towns research project in the West Midlands
There's loads more crammed in, including updates, details of our next meetings and the announcement of a new national march in 2017, plus a special feature on how to make an impact as a grassroots Remain organization, including tips to set up your own group!

We're excited to release this showcase of our hard work and urge you to get involved in any way you can to help us Remain in the EU.

Contact us, keep in touch and do whatever you can, even #smallthings like telling people you know about Remain and always speaking up for Remain or writing emails/letter (see the newsletter for more!). And please tell us what you think. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Come and share our positive messages and hope and help show Remain is best for all (by far!): to protect our rights, our freedoms, our economy, our jobs, our NHS, our communities, our diversity, our security and our future.  Together we can Remain.

Cymru Ewrop,
13 Dec 2016, 06:30