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Your stories

Tell us your story - help us make a difference

EU IN BRUM is collecting personal stories about how the referendum result has affected you.

EU IN BRUM members and people we meet at public events - as people all across the UK - are deeply affected by this outcome for many reasons pertinent to themselves, their beliefs, their senses of different things, their jobs, their friends or family etc.

Please email us your story, feelings or how this result and its aftermath or the prospect of leaving affects you.

This could include:
  • Your feelings on the night of the results or the days after
  • Things you've felt or experienced since
  • Effects for your family, job, community, sense of things, hopes etc.

EU IN BRUM is a positive campaign, positive about the future and positive about remaining, but these stories can help us to demonstrate to politicians, policy-makers and the public, the importance and benefits of UK in EU to vast numbers of people and our societies as a whole.

We'd like to publish your stories on our website and perhaps other materials like leaflets, ideally with your first name and profession or/and place or work alongside (where you live could also be useful - you can make it general if you want e.g. Birmingham or even West Midlands).

These details are interesting and could increase the power of your story, as well as how it could further our arguments and wider understandings of these issues.  In this way accounts will be kept anonymous, but you can leave your name or any identifying features out if you prefer.   

Many thanks for your help. Please pass this information on to others - friends, family, co-workers - anyone who can help.